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Our Separate Ways
Our Separate Ways

Our Separate WaysOur Separate Ways
Black and White Women and the Struggle for Professional Identity
by Dr. Ella L.J. Edmondson Bell and Stella M. Nkomo

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Based on a groundbreaking multi-year study into the life journeys of female managers and executives, Our Separate Ways is the first book to compare and contrast the backgrounds and career paths of successful Black and White women in corporate America, exploring the roles that race, wealth, education and family background play in shaping women's lives.

Written in a wonderfully descriptive narrative that follows the lives of Black and White women from childhood and early family life through adolescence and the early years of their careers, Our Separate Ways looks at how one's upbringing helps or hinders ultimate success. What we learn is that many of the assumptions we hold-that race, poverty, a lack of education, dysfunctional family life, or sexual prejudice are impediments to professional success-are not always true. A great many successful women in corporate America do not come from stereotypical white middle-class families or graduate from Ivy League schools. In fact, white women growing up in insular families frequently have to work hard in the corporate world to learn to network effectively. Black women, on the other hand, who as young girls often have a large constellation of people who play significant roles in their lives, have a much richer sense of community. Their self-esteem, as a result, is less tied to achievement alone, and they may be better prepared to thrive in the workplace. Similarly, women raised in poverty, although suffering obvious disadvantages, develop a kind of social armor that serves them well in the professional world.

The first examination of the careers of successful black women in our corporate culture and the first book to compare and contrast the careers of successful black and white women, this astonishing narrative provides a much broader range of role models for all women on the many paths to success in America today.

ISBN-13: 9781591391890 | Published by Harvard Business Press | Publication Date: 2003-03-25 | Paperback | 352 pages | US $19.95